Welcome to hellojazz.be. We hae a number of aims and objectives with the hellojazz.be site. This will be music to many of our visitors ears.

Whilst we are all about jazz, do know that we are nothing to do with the Belgian festival of jazz that went by the name of the Hello Jazz festival.

What we are all about is the venues and entertainment centres all around Belgium where you can find quality, exciting, gritty, soul-food for your ears – in the form of jazz. We are planning on being your go-to listing site for venues that feature the very best that jazz has to offer to Belgians.

And just to make us stand out from other venue and music listing sites around, know now, that we look for the most unusual venues for our jazz performers.

We also are not as snobby as some sites about jazz… if we like it, we list it, no matter where we heard it. So whether we were walking down the street and heard something we likes, or whether we were in a casino and heard someone whose sense of jazz was far better than even they knew, we will let you know about it.

Jazz knows no class. It is the very best of everything that can come out of a human voice box, or a piano or a saxophone… we love it, and we are prepared to go anywhere to get a good dose of decent music. So come with us – to the most unlikely of sport, where the book is judged not by it’s cover, but by the sound it makes when you open its pages!